About Us

The foundation aims to: advocate for and help vulnerable migrant women to understand their rights, as a long-term solution to end Economic and Social injustice. We do this via various projects and programs targeted to sustainably alleviate poverty among migrant women.

We have a vision

Our vision is to ensure that every vulnerable migrant woman has the right to economic and social justice which would in the long term create full inclusion, freedom and sustainable solution to issues vulnerable migrant women encounter in their daily lives.

We’re on a mission

The paramount mission of Stichting SPAI is to be the voice of the voiceless, vulnerable migrant women who are victims of various issues that violate their economic and social rights. Stichting SPAI seeks to create systematic change to a system that does not recognize the prejudice of vulnerable migrant women.

Modus Operandi

Marginalization is the everyday lived experience of vulnerable migrant women who do not understand their rights in their country of settlement. In the Netherlands, a lot of migrant brides are imported and exploited sexually and economically. They do not understand that they have a right just as any other woman living in the Netherlands irrespective of gender and race. At stichting Spai, we work with qualified lawyers who help victims to understand their rights. We fight for the women when they are confronted with intimidating abusers or traffickers. We are the voice of the voiceless vulnerable migrant women who are victims of various problems.

Via our method, the women get economic and social justice.
Ultimately, we change the ineffective system via our method.

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