Empowering Migrant Women

Stichting SPAI's Commitment to Equity and Justice!

Support Migrant Women!

Rights for All: Food, Shelter, Freedom , Good Life & Work

Empowering Migrant Women:
Ending Injustice!


The foundation advocates for vulnerable migrant women's rights to end economic and social injustice. We implement projects for sustainable poverty alleviation.

Transforming Lives

We envision economic and social justice for vulnerable migrant women, fostering inclusion, freedom, and sustainable solutions in their daily lives

Breaking Silence

Amplifying the voice of vulnerable migrant women, addressing root causes for lasting change in economic and social justice

Ending Exploitation

we empower exploited migrant women in the Netherlands, providing legal support and being their voice against abuse and injustice

Uncover Projects that Shape Change

Small Actions, Big Impact

Be part of our mission to empower vulnerable migrant women and make a difference.
Your contribution plays a crucial role in creating positive change.

About Stiching SPAI

The foundation aims to: advocate for and help vulnerable migrant women to understand their rights, as a long-term solution to end Economic and Social injustice.

Our vision is to ensure that every vulnerable migrant woman has the right to economic and social justice which would in the long term create full inclusion, freedom and sustainable solution to issues vulnerable migrant women encounter in their daily lives.

The paramount mission of Stichting SPAI is to be the voice of the voiceless vulnerable migrant women who are victims of various issues which violates their economic and social rights.