Recent Projects

Host and Home Country Cultural Mediation

Our organization is dedicated to providing essential cultural mediation services for migrant women, bridging the gap between their home country and the host country they now find themselves in. Our cultural mediators serve as invaluable guides, navigating the complexities of both cultures to ensure that migrant women can effectively access and utilize crucial services while preserving their cultural identities.

In healthcare, our mediators facilitate communication between migrant women and health care providers, ensuring that cultural nuances and preferences are understood and respected. They not only help navigate the host country’s healthcare system but also provide support by linking them with resources and services available in their home country, thus ensuring continuity of care and support networks across borders.

In education, our cultural mediators play a vital role in supporting migrant women and their families by providing language assistance and explaining school policies and procedures. They bridge the gap between the educational systems of the host and home countries, advocating for the educational needs of migrant children while also fostering a deeper understanding of their cultural background within the school environment.

In legal matters, our cultural mediators offer indispensable support to migrant women navigating unfamiliar legal systems. They provide language interpretation, explain legal rights and responsibilities, and connect women with legal resources and assistance both in the host and home countries. This comprehensive approach ensures that migrant women receive the necessary support and guidance to navigate legal challenges effectively, regardless of their location. In social integration, our cultural mediators facilitate connections within the migrant community and with the broader society in both the host and home countries.

We organize cultural events, language classes, and support groups, providing opportunities for women to build social networks, share experiences, and access resources for integration and empowerment in both their new and familiar environments. By operating within both the host and home countries, our cultural mediators play a crucial role in helping governments settle scores in both contexts. They contribute to the integration of migrant women into the host society while also ensuring that connections and support networks in their home countries remain strong.

Through support, advocacy, and cultural understanding, our cultural mediators empower migrant women to navigate and thrive in both their new and familiar environments, building brighter futures for themselves and their families regardless of geographical boundaries